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Support for Ukrainian Refugees

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Help us support Ukrainians in West London

With thousands of Ukrainians fleeing conflict now finding themselves in the UK, Brunel University London have begun offering English classes to those based in the local area to help individuals and families adapt to life in the UK and enable them to find work.

Each student will receive two hours a day of classes, five days a week, for a minimum of 16 weeks. As they develop skills and find employment, we intend to continue to offer provision to support their needs.

How you could help

Brunel will provide the lessons free of charge. To ensure they can make the most of their teaching, we would like to offer each student a laptop which will significantly help when they study and allow them to search for work.

We know that many Ukrainian families and individuals have left war torn areas with very little, and some will have to take their online lessons on their phones or very old tablets. For those that already have strong English skills but need to search for work, we would like to offer them the same tech equipment to enable them to rebuild their life in the UK.

Cost per person

We have contacted multiple suppliers we work with to negotiate the lowest possible cost to support this group given the circumstances. We now have high spec laptops that will be discounted to £400 inc. VAT.
Please help us make the difference.

Thank you for your support!

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