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Thank you for your interest in #cleanyoursoil with Lorna’s seeds!

Looking for a gift with a difference this Christmas? The £20 gift will allow gardeners to plant seeds in their own garden but be a part of a project that will have real impact - ensuring our plants and crops can grow in a healthy environment in the future, without taking up metals from the soil.

Cars, trains, industries and construction work generates huge amounts of metal-bearing particles that fly around and then deposit in the soil, and this can contaminate our gardens or where we grow our food. These metals might be harmful to grow in, but they also are a very important resource. We aim at removing contaminants/excess of metals from the soil and re-use them to make high value products.

Our research focuses on both the removal of excess metals from the soils and their transformation into usable products. This is very important because metals, and in particular nano-metals, are fundamental for manufacturing electronic components and other products. Our project is a way to decrease our dependence from mining and importing virgin materials from other countries, boosting the local economy and working toward a greener planet!

Following 2 years of early trials within the London area first and then at national level, we are now ready to turn this into a sustainable business. Support for this project will grow our service and help reach the stage where we can start manufacturing some goods directly from metals removed from contaminated soils. For more information, please visit

Thank you for your support!

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Soil metal contamination is a problem in the UK, not only near mining or industrial sites, but also in many urban areas.

Our project is to develop a sustainable business that helps regenerate soils extracting metal contaminants using UK (or local) native plants and then harvest them and upcycle them to high value products. The business will ensure natural metal recovery, resilient metal supply, and green methods for the upcycling of the products.

Our group is committed to work on environmental improvements through responsible resourcing and manufacturing. You can participate in our project by choosing any of the donation options listed below to receive rewards such as project booklets, seed packets, and your own grass or soil analysis.

**Due to customs requirements we are unable to send seeds overseas. Please either provide a UK address to send to or select a donation option without seeds**

This crowd funding is the first step of our business in the real world - thank you for your support! For more information, please visit

Donations are applied to...

The donations collected from this crowdfunding initiative will allow us to launch Lorna's Seeds #cleanyoursoil products and services. If donations are sufficient, we will use the funding to further optimise our product offer to make it better and more effective for soil cleaning, including further R&D and bid for government funds to upscale the activities.

This crowd funding is the first step of our business in the real world - thank you for your support!

Why are donations necessary?

Mining Naturally is our Vision. Regenerating soils while responsibly collecting resources for manufacturing consumer goods and other products is the goal of our research work. Commercialising our products/technologies is the most effective way to instigate a change towards responsible manufacturing and healthy living as a healthier planet and a healthier economy should come hand in hand.

This crowdfunding campaign will help us to launch the business and start the sustainable its sustainable growth to make the preliminary R&D into real products and services.